HOMETOWN: Heather grew up in a tiny town called Garner, Arkansas. Given the small and connected hometown feel of only being surrounded by 250 people, this could be considered challenging to some, but she wouldn’t have dreamed being raised any other location.
EDUCATION: She attended Beebe School and Licensing for customer service skills, communication, organization and math skills for the state of Mississippi.

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: After leaving Garner, Arkansas in 2005, she then relocated to Gulfport, Mississippi to take on a management and hospitality position at the local Casino. She was responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including training employees, setting policies and gaming rules, observing the casino floor, customer relations, coordinating security and prepare and tracking the cash flow of the casino. In 2010, she found her way into the Angela Rogers Group family, where she now uses her skills to play various roles for ARG. Her main two roles include administrative and convention-planning support that of which helps the business keep their feet on the ground. Mostly helping with local events, we would be lost without our on-site helper coming to our rescue.

BABIES AND FURBABIES: She birthed a beautiful girl named Sarah, who is now 11 years old, not to mention that she landed herself in the top 10 percent of her class. They added their furbaby, Hero, into the mix in February of 2005. This Great Pyrenees weighs around 115 pounds and is as white as snow. They couldn’t imagine life without him.
OFFICE SUPPLY HEATHER CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Packing tape… she loves to pack!

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