Our team

Since 2006, the Angela Rogers Group has been a hard-working, hands-on firm with a partnership approach to its clients. Clients often ask how we do it, and we refer them to a quote we love from the great Lucille Ball: “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.”

ARG is built on this principle. No matter how many ongoing projects we have, we work hard every day to make sure that each of our clients — each of our partners — knows that they are receiving 100-percent dedication from our team.

We begin every relationship by working to understand clients’ goals and objectives and earn their trust. Through attention to detail and effective listening, our team functions as an extension of your businesses. After all, your reputation and success are a reflection of us.

Simply put, we’re committed to exceeding expectations. Our work speaks for itself, and that’s the Angela Rogers Group difference.

Angela Rogers

President & Managing Member

  • HOMETOWN | Angela is from Stephens, Arkansas, a small town located in the southeast part of the state; however, after living in the capital city for so long, she now considers Little Rock her hometown.
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | For over 25 years, Angela has provided professional and reliable services that produce innovative and strategic results. She has spent many years developing strong relationships in the hospitality, conventions and public relation’s industries and has delivered successful results for numerous clients. Angela brings extensive national and local experience to her firm in a wide range of disciplines that include: providing publicity and marketing strategies to a Hurricane emergency relief response, coordinating state, regional and international conferences, U.S. presidential events, music concerts, sporting competitions, and an Olympic torch lighting ceremony.
  • OFFICE SUPPLY MUST HAVE | Large paperclips and post-it notes
  • FAVORITE QUOTE | “If you want something done, give it to a busy person” – Lucille Ball
  • FAVORITE TV SITCOM | King of the Hill and Everybody Loves Raymond
  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Supreme, hold the bell peppers

Ashley Hayden

Director of Client Services

  • HOMETOWN | Ashley hails from a small town in Iowa and although she’s been in Arkansas for over ten years, she’s still a midwesterner at heart. She still doesn’t understand why Arkansans call “pop” – “soda” or “shopping carts” – “buggies.” and says “you guys” instead of “ya’ll”, despite our best efforts on correcting her.
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | Ashley has garnered quite a bit of professional event and administrative experience in her career thus far. Most notably working at an advertising and event planning and promotion agency for many years. Ashley joined the ARG team in 2014 and is a talented asset to the group. She was most recently promoted to Director of Client Services. Although Ashley’s duties are extremely varied, they include taking care of event campaign coordination aspects, registration forms and applications, databases, sponsorship and VIP logistics as well as budgets, financials, badges, signage and programs as well as a ton of the little conference details that all add up.
  • OFFICE SUPPLY MUST HAVE | Coffee, G2 pens, to do lists and did we mention coffee?!
  • FAVORITE QUOTE | “The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.” – Barbara Pletcher
  • IF ASHLEY WEREN’T SO GOOD AT HER JOB, SHE WOULD PROBABLY BE | a teacher. She loves kids, crafts, and any party with a theme!
  • FAVORITE TV SITCOM | The Office, One Tree Hill, Friends and Gilmore Girls
  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Sausage and mushrooms

Brian Rogers

Vice President

  • HOMETOWN | Brian was born in Blytheville, Arkansas, a small town located in the northeast part of the state; however, he truly believes that his heart and therefore his home town is now Edgemont, Arkansas – a little spot on Greer’s Ferry Lake.

  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | For over 25 years, Brian has been involved in hotel and restaurant management and development.  He has been an integral part in the hospitality community in Arkansas and other states by creating, developing, and implementing strategies for hotel and restaurant brands and chains to increase profitability, customer service and deliver their brand promise.  He has served in Executive Level Management for the majority of his career for hotels, restaurants, event venues, and other hospitality-related entities.

  • OFFICE SUPPLY MUST HAVE – Laptop – no OFFICE required

  • FAVORITE QUOTE | “Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” – Mark Twain



  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Pepperoni and sausage

Heather Anzalone

Administrative and Convention-Planning Support

  • HOMETOWN | Heather grew up in a tiny town called Garner, Arkansas. Given the small and connected hometown feel of only being surrounded by 250 people, this could be considered challenging to some, but she wouldn’t have dreamed of being raised in another location.
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | After leaving Garner, Arkansas in 2005, she then relocated to Gulfport, Mississippi to take on a management and hospitality position at the local Casino. She was responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including training employees, setting policies and gaming rules, observing the casino floor, customer relations, coordinating security and prepare and tracking the cash flow of the casino. In 2010, she found her way into the Angela Rogers Group family, where she now uses her skills to play various roles for ARG. Her main two roles include administrative and convention-planning support that of which helps the business keep their feet on the ground. Mostly helping with local events, we would be lost without our on-site helper coming to our rescue.
  • OFFICE SUPPLY MUST HAVE | To-do lists and coffee
  • FAVORITE QUOTE | Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen.
  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Anything except anchovies and pineapples

Kat Hills

Senior Coordinator of Media and Web Services

  • HOMETOWN | Originally from St. Louis, MO (Go Cardinals!), Kat has resided in Little Rock for over 12 years before moving to Oregon last year.
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | Kat moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 2005 to begin working for Arkansas Business Publishing Group in the IT/Research Department. After working there for two years, she soon realized her passion for event planning, where then she transferred to an association management company to live out that art. After strenuously working for 2 years on heavy doses of PR work and website management for various clients, namely the US Green Building Council, she decided to return to her Arkansas Business roots. In doing so, she came back as an Advertising Coordinator in the print and ad design department. She joined the Angela Rogers Group in October 2010 and hasn’t looked back! Currently working on website design and development and creating web-based solutions for clients and conferences, she’s our mainframe for the IT aspect of our firm.
  • OFFICE SUPPLY MUST HAVE | The internet (wait, that’s an office supply, right?)
  • FAVORITE QUOTE | Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe
  • IF KAT WEREN’T SO GOOD AT HER JOB, SHE WOULD PROBABLY BE | A librarian or bookstore owner. Or perhaps just on a beach somewhere with copious amounts of books to read!
  • FAVORITE TV SITCOM | Modern Family, Brooklyn 99, Parks and Recreation
  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Veggie all day – minus olives of any kind. 😉


Office Manager

  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | Bud was recently promoted to our
    Office Manager and takes the lead on making sure Ray Roy doesn’t
    get too many treats, which is a hard day’s work. Bud is typically the
    quietest member of our team but will not shy away from letting us
    know when he’s ready to go on a long walk, regardless of the weather
  • OFFICE SUPPLY MUST HAVE | His cozy dog bed and dog treats Ray
    Roy was saving for later
  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Pizza is pizza

Ray Roy

Chief Paw Officer

  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND | Ray Roy serves as our Chief Paw
    Officer and is always making sure the ARG team is staying busy. Ray
    Roy is also responsible for making sure that any new visitor never
    goes unannounced or unnoticed. When Ray Roy isn’t busy keeping
    the team in line, he’s begging for more dog treats or stretched out for
    a quiet nap.
  • PIZZA OF CHOICE | Pepperonis from Ashley’s pizza